My daughter told me that she feels really confident now; she feels that she can protect herself if she needs to.
– SR, Surrey (mother)

My son started a new school where one child picked on smaller children, beating them up behind a shed. After two lessons at Kids Wing Chun Academy my son had the confidence to fight back against the bully and as a result has not been picked on since. He has grown in confidence and strength, his co-ordination and concentration have increased. He looks forward to his weekly classes, loves practising in the days between and has gained some fabulous male role-models in his life. He aspires to be like Sifu Jude’s son.
– RE, Surrey (mother)

I couldn’t think of a better person to teach a martial arts, especially to children. Jude has such a calming approach people really respond to, and his son is a great example of what martial arts can do for children…
– JE, Surrey (mother)

This syllabus is the best I’ve ever seen for chidren..This is the way it should be taught.
DW (father/practioner)

She really enjoys the classes…it’s such a friendly club. She’s right at home!
– LL (mother, Surrey)

He is so much more confident since starting Wing Chun. I can’t believe the change in him..I’ve learned so much in a short time, I feel I progress every week; I can’t wait for the next session…love it!
– AB, Surrey ( practitioner and father)

I was being bullied by an older boy and needed to defend myself. I did and now I feel really confident. They don’t pick on me any more.
– (student, 11yrs old)

I’ve trained Wing Chun for 10 years at a number of different schools. Very few schools teach the traditional style and due to lack of their system completeness mix it with other styles, weakening it’s effectiveness. I love Wing Chun and now have the opportunity to finish the traditional system and fill the gaps in my knowledge. Jude has incredible knowledge and skill; I now have a Kung Fu home…
– JS, Surrey

I used to practice Taekwondo but was introduced to Wing Chun by some friends who have been training at another school for over 18 months. I’ve only been a practitioner for a few weeks but have shown them things they didn’t know…cool!!
– RB, Surrey

I’ve known Sifu Jude for over 10 years and he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met; I have the greatest respect for him. When I found out he was opening a Wing Chun school, I simply had to join…
– MP, Surrey

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