Frequently Asked Questions:

Class Student Questions

Q. Where are your classes?
We have a number of class locations throughout Surrey. Please visit our website locations page for more information.

Q. What ages do you teach?
We teach boys and girls from age 7 upwards. Our 5-6yr olds classes are oversubscribed at the moment.

Q. How much does it cost?
Please see our “Train Your Way” prices for the latest pricing available. Cross training prices available upon request.

Q. I have more than one child, do you offer discounts?
Yes we offer sibling, and family discounts dependant on the number of family members. These discounts only affect ‘train in class’ students; not online learning students.

Q. Do you teach through school holidays?
Yes, we run through school holidays allowing your child to train the whole year. The school is closed for 4 weeks per year, spread out throughout the year.

Q. How fit do I or my child need to be?
All fitness levels are welcome. Wing Chun training will improve fitness level, flexibility, and strength. Wing Chun has very mild levels of cardio vascular activity which means that low fitness levels are very comfortable training in the class. If you have concerns please contacts us to discuss further.

Q. What should my child wear?
Initially, your child can attend the free classes in a loose fitting t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, and training shoes. On joining, a uniform is required. Training shoes can continue to be worn.

Q. Do you have gradings?
Yes, we have a comprehensive grading system. Gradings are a great way to measure progress, and our step by step instruction will make sure your child is ready for each grade.

Q. Do you offer private training?
Yes, private tuition is a great way to progress through the system. We offer individual, and small group sessions. This is something you can discuss with us.

Q. As a parent, can I train as well?
Yes, we have parent and child classes allowing you to learn and train with your child, which is actually great fun and something we promote.

Online Student Questions

Q. Do I have to book a grading if I’m an online student?
Certain material requires that you grade and that material will not become available until you have met the level required. This helps you to maximise your learning with us.

Q. Do I have to attend classes or can I just learn online and turn up for gradings?
From time to time you will need to get some feedback from us on how well you’re doing. We recommend that you attend classes when you can; at a frequency that suits you. It is always good to get some guidance from one of our instructors. You will find this will help you progress more effectively.

Q. Can you really learn online only?
Yes, you can learn online, but only to a certain level. We do not believe that someone can learn without input from an instructor at some point. Our service allows you to check in with our friendly instructors whenever you want. 

Q. Why grade?
Certain material requires that you grade, or get assessed to check readiness for higher levels of training. Certain material will not become available until you have met the required level because of complexity of the material being taught.

Q. How do I book class sessions?
Class sessions can be booked from within your account. It only takes a couple of minutes to book your session.

Q. How many class sessions do I need to attend to be ready for a grading?
It depends on the student, some students pick things up without much guidance. If you feel you need help, book into a class to check how you’re progressing with our friendly instructors.

Q. I’d like to see a class before joining?
If you are unsure whether Wing Chun is for you, feel free to sign up to our online student programme, take the early modules, and then book an induction session with us. We can talk through any questions you have about your training in that session.