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At KWCA we teach the full authentic
Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu system including:

  • Siu Nim Tau

  • Chum Kiu

  • Biu Tze

  • Muk Yan Chong

  • Luk Dim Poon

  • Bart Cham Dao

  • Lat Sau Training

  • Chi Sau Training

  • Weapons & Tactics

The advanced self defence system that works regardless of size and strength – but only when taught and trained correctly

Sifu Jude Hudson – Chief Instructor and Founder

Certified Chinese Martial Arts Coach

The son of a boxer, Sifu Jude learned the importance of self defence from a very early age, having to defend himself countless times as a youngster in the 1970s. He first started formal training in martial arts in Karate in 1979, before moving on to train Wing Chun, Ving Tsun, and Wing Tsun from 1993 onwards. Having trained a number of Wing Chun lineages has helped Sifu Jude gain a strong insight and deep understanding of the art. His belief is that your learning, and training never stop.

Sifu Jude’s naturally warm and friendly nature has made him a popular teacher of both adults, and children. Having taken his 16 year old son to a 3rd Degree adult black belt (3rd Technician Grade) he enjoys teaching and mentoring others to attain the knowledge and skills to keep them safe.

A Personal Message from Sifu Jude Hudson

As a parent I believe there are a number of elements that make the rounded development of a child, however, at the top of an import list is their safety. Taking away the fear of physical confrontation by having the skills and tools to deal with them is a crucial element in helping them attain real confidence!

KWCA Current Class Locations

KWCA PurleyR2 6DT
Harris Academy Purley
6 Kendra Hall Road, CR2 6DT

Class Times: Saturday
Classes:  Technician/Black Sash
Classes: Advanced Family/Junior
Classes: Beginner/Intermediate

KWCA EpsomR2 6DT
Nescot College
Reigate Rd, Epsom KT17 3DS
Class Times: Tuesday evening
Classes: All Levels (age 7+)

KWCA Instructor Team

Sifu Jude Hudson
Chief Instructor
Master Level
Certified Chinese Martial Arts Coach

Si Hing Nathan Hudson
Senior Instructor
4th Technician Grade (4th Degree Black Belt)
Certified Chinese Martial Arts Coach

Si Hing Omar Latif
3rd Technician Grade
(Adult Black Belt)

Si Hing Joseph Sharkie
2nd Technician Grade
(Adult Black Belt)

Si Hing Aden Latif
Assistant Instructor
2nd Technician Grade
(Adult Black Belt)

Si Hing Josh Cresswell
1st Technician Grade
(Adult Black Belt)

Si Hing Rotimi Kolapo
Children’s Assistant Instructor
Academy Black Sash 6