5 New Academy Black Sash Students

P1010071_300px2I am proud to announce 5 brand new Kids Wing Chun Academy Black Sash (black belt) students after a very tough grading last weekend.

[Left to right] Aden (age 11), Darius (age 14), Joseph (age 14), Omar (age 14), and Josh (age 15) showed great skill and courage across all grading elements, especially the free fighting stage having been put under a great deal of pressure.

The boys now continue their training to progress through the KWCA Black Sash levels in closed door black sash only sessions.

Having already achieved black belts at another school, Aden, Omar, and Joseph joined Kids Wing Chun Academy two years ago training to achieve their New black sashes under us. Their focus, and perseverance has paid off with a now greater understanding of the art.

Josh, and Darius started their Wing Chun journey with us 2 years ago and have also shown fantastic focus and perseverance, and have been quick to understand this complex art.

The boys are regularly seen assisting in class passing on their knowledge and helping younger students. Along their journey the group have become good friends and not only enjoy training and sparring together but also having great fun socially.

Well done guys, you’ve earned it, and I’m proud of you!

Sifu Jude

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