Student Parisa McCarthy in Music Video


This summer holiday was a busy one for our junior blue-belt student Parisa McCarthy who has been attending our Surbiton class on Monday evenings since February 2012. Not only Parisa (aged 6) was having holiday fun and attending various summer camps like most other children her age, but she also had an invitation to play a lead role in a music video. The video has been entered into a competition and if it wins it will become the “official” video for the song.

In this video Parisa plays the role of “Moonchild” who is rescued by an astronaut from some bad guys. She also has super-powers of her own, and at one point defends herself against one of the baddies by becoming almost demonic! Shame she couldn’t use her Kung Fu skills instead!!!

The video is for an M83 track, their songs have recently featured in advertising campaigns, “Made in Chelsea” and Tom Cruise’s film “Oblivion”.

Super-powers-smlParisa managed to get her scenes done in one or two takes and impressed everyone on set with her ability to take direction. Having been involved with video shoots myself, it sounds like Parisa did amazingly well. Click here to watch the music video Moonchild. One scene is a little scary especially for small children so parents please be warned.

Parisa and her older brother Danny have been learning Wing Chun with Kids Wing Chun Academy for 1.5 years and currently training for their Junior 7th Grades. Like the other children in her Wing Chun class, Parisa’s no stranger to being put under pressure; they are used to mixing things up with their Wing Chun Kung Fu skills and blocking attacks.

Parisa’s focus has clearly translated well to being in front of the video camera; she has grown in confidence so much since I first met her. We at KWCA think that Parisa has a great career ahead, and I know all of her Wing Chun brothers and sisters in our Surbiton class will join us is saying “well done”!

Big hugs from all of us at KWCA.

Sifu Jude Hudson

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