Private Students Are Winning The Race

Private 1-to-1 or small group sessions are a great way to advance through the Wing Chun system quicker. The higher the grade the more valuable these sessions are and until late last year I had taken the decision not to take on any private students despite being asked on numerous occasions. This changed however, when I started teaching a small number of students privately.

Private sessions with your Sifu allow the opportunity to work through techniques in detail, ask all of those “questions” you’ve always wanted to, and learn techniques at a much greater pace than in the class alone. I believe they work best when coupled with open class sessions as this allows you to “train” with fellow students to work the knowledge you’ve gained.

It’s been a busy grading month and I’d like to congratulate all my private students that have graded this month, I’ve seen such an improvement. Keep training, keep learning. Pictures are in the Student Zone…

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