Courage Is Like A Muscle

Courage is the power of the mind to overcome fear.

Martin Luther King

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a girl or a boy, young or old, Courage is a life requirement. Courage comes into play in more situations than we can probably count; from sitting an exam to performing a musical recital; a College or University entrance interview or exam; taking the first step in to a new area of study or work. Doing something you are worried about, scared of, or nervous about doing requires degrees of courage.

Challenging oneself on a regular basis is a way of exercising your Courage Muscle. It’s not really a muscle of course, but if you think of it that way you can see how your courage threshold can grow over time. Through our training and environment your child’s threshold will grow. Of course, it is all too simple NOT to do something we’re uncomfortable with and let courage wither, which unknowingly sets habits for the future which can drive the wrong decisions.

At Kids Wing Chun Academy we can help prepare your child in many areas of life’s challenges. Change takes a little time of course,  but we’re committed and there with you, helping to drive in the right direction.

Kids Wing Chun Academy – Challenge yourself as much as possible, as often as possible, and you will grow beyond belief

Sifu Jude Hudson

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