A Real Black Sash Isn’t That Easy To Attain!

In most martial arts there are numerous hoops to jump through in order to achieve a black belt level, Wing Chun is no different. As Wing Chun is a close range system it is even more important to be well skilled if your goal is to attain a black sash. Some Schools have you believe that because you’re paying your fees and turning up to class you’ll attain your black sash. This is a dangerous situation and I have seen it many times before. It won’t matter how many reward clips you’ve received, or how many reward badges stitched on your trousers; if you’ve been taught ineffective techniques, you would have wasted your money, Reality!

If you have NOT put in the hours and trained the right things, the sash you wear around your waist is worthless, as your skills are most certainly weak or flawed!. It’s not your fault; after all, you’re not the Kung Fu expert, your the good parent trying to seek one. Being committed to training, and training properly in class is of paramount importance.

It’s easy to get sucked into a nice environment with no real content because it’s not particularly challenging; it’s easy to get the warm fuzzes tickled with more of a social club. Learning Wing Chun, as with any martial art, is a challenge, and you need to challenge yourself to achieve effective skill levels.
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