It’s Like an Insurance Policy – A Thought About Self Defence!

I’m not a fan of violence or aggressive behaviour; nobody wins. I would prefer people not hurting each other; were civil, kind, and considerate; respected each other for who they were, even if they were different. Unfortunately though, confrontation of all kinds is part of everyday life and we must find a way of dealing with it.

Maybe theres an insurance policy I can buy?

What about an insurance policy that protects against accidental or intentional damage. Covers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it covers you internationally. A policy that specially covers your personal safety and that of your wife or husband, and your children. What if you could actually buy an insurance policy for your children! That would be cool! That means that you could give your children something really useful!

I would ideally love it if there was no Excess to pay! Cause, you know, it’s a real pain when you have to make a claim when some idiot tries to damage you. The cost should be reasonable too right? I don’t mind paying monthly for something cause I do that for everything else, but I wouldn’t want to pay too much. Hey, it would be great if I could pay for a couple of years or so, but get cover for the rest of my life….now we’re talking. Kind of, buy now and claim as many times as you want, and forever! Can you do that??

Ah! Hold it! I need to know that if I need to make a claim, like, use the service, it’s going to work. I need to know that it’s authentic, and legitimate, and used by others! I need to know that if my life depended on it, it would work; not just for me but for my children too.

If I could get all that, for a good price, from a good provider that sells me a quality product; that has customers that have moved to them from similar providers because of the quality of their service! that’s the place for me! That would be a really worth while value for money Insurance Policy!

Kids Wing Chun Academy – Selling tried and tested insurance policies that work!

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