Tips To Find The Right Kung Fu School For Your Child

It’s difficult enough trying to decide which Martial Art to train, let alone which school is going to be the right one for your child. I always think that it’s best to have a few questions in mind when making your initial enquiry, or when attending your trial lessons. Be clear about what you’re looking for and what you’re trying to achieve for your child.

In fairness, I have specific views on who should learn a martial art and what a parent’s actual goals are, however we can’t ignore value for money.

Is your child going to get enough Martial Arts training time during the class? Seems like a crazy question right? Well actually it’s not. Some schools spend half of the class duration doing anything but training the very thing your paying for. Although it makes for a pleasant atmosphere, it adds no value to what your child is in that class for.

My hope is that whatever martial art style you choose, or whatever school you join, it’s the right one for your child.

Kids Wing Chun Academy focus on teaching the highest level Wing Chun Kung Fu to children and teenagers. We like to think of it as providing ‘tools for life’ to your child.

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