Nathan Hudson Awarded 1st TG at 13 Years of Age

Yesterday Nathan Hudson at 13 years old was
awarded his 1st TG (adult 1st degree blackbelt) making him the youngest Technician Level Grade within the Kids Wing Chun Academy (KWCA), and WCK UK group of schools. Nathan started Wing Chun at the age of 5 and for the last 18 months has been teaching at Kids Wing Chun Academy as a Children’s Instructor, when not at school himself. The test itself was tough making no allowances for his age and making Nathan dig deep during the free fighting and Gor Sau (free Chi Sau) elements.

The final test was carried out by Dai Sifu Wes Hussey (International Chief Instructor of the WCK Organisation) who said “Nathan’s test wasn’t easy…this is a huge achievement”, and was happy to award this advanced level. As Nathan’s father and Sifu, I must admit Nathan was pushed to the limit and showed great fighting spirit, courage, and focus during the 45 minute test. I’m so proud of Nathan!
At Kids Wing Chun Academy, our goal is to provide children with the highest skill levels possible to allow them to effectively and efficiently defend themselves. Our goal is to help your child reach their goal!
Sifu Jude Hudson – Proud Father
Kids Wing Chun Academy
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