My Wing Chun History

It’s interesting to see how things have changed over time, and as a father I often reflect on my childhood and how different things were compared to what my son is experiencing now. I believe it’s many things that make us who we are, and life experiences play an important part.

I rarely talk about my Wing Chun history as it is something very personal to me – the highs, and the lows are all part of the journey. For those that know my history, I’m asked about the differences between the 1990s and today, and there are a few.

Wing Chun for me started in the 1990s under the Victor Kan lineage where training was very tough indeed. Firstly, nobody knew what Wing Chun was back then, if you did know, and could find a club, you had to be accepted as a student. Very different from joining clubs today. Victor Kan was a direct student of Yip Man from the mid 1950s whilst Yip Man was teaching students in Hong Kong.

Kids Wing Chun Academy

Sifu Jude as a student in 1990s - Victor Kan lineage

Physical and mental conditioning were part of the training. Bones were conditioned to make sure they were capable of taking punishment, along with giving it. The pain of this process was unbearable.

The fighting spirit was trained to build courage. Skills were trained to build no doubts of what Wing Chun was capable of. Fitness training was specific to Wing Chun fighting and combat. Injuries in class during training were common. Each grade awarded was earned, and our Wing Chun was pressure tested constantly to make sure ‘we’ were capable of using what we had learned.

Above is a rare picture from the mid 1990s of me with my Kung Fu brothers and sisters (along with my brother Vince) from the Victor Kan lineage. For those in the know, you may spot a Wing Chun and martial arts celebrity in this picture; he was a training partner and Kung Fu brother.

Sifu Jude Hudson - Victor Kan & WCK UK

Sifu Jude (left) pictured with Kung Fu brothers (from left to right) Sifu Alan Thompson, Sifu Russell Benham, and Sifu Wayne Agnew. Sept 2012.

I have trained at other Wing Chun and Kung Fu schools but found discrepancies in what was taught, or how it was being taught. Now I train under Dai Sifu Wes Hussey (WCK UK’s Chief Instructor & Founder). Myself, along with other Sifu’s from schools around the country continue learning and training this phenomenal fighting system under the WCK UK banner or affiliated with it.

Running Kids Wing Chun Academy, allows me to take every opportunity to help children and families who need to learn how to protect themselves. My only motivation is to help those that need help. What I teach is effective and authentic. We take children who are beginners, or advanced Wing Chun practioners; some of our students have no martial arts experience, whilst others have attained black sashes at other schools and continue their training under Kids Wing Chun Academy.

Our classes have limited spaces but if you would like your child to join us please feel free to contact us. I would love to help if I can.

Sifu Jude Hudson
Kids Wing Chun Academy – Our goal is to help your child reach their goal!

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