Training makes the mind grow stronger! – Perseverance

Training or attending class regularly builds perseverance. Perseverance is something that your child will need to cultivate for other areas in their life, for example, finishing a school project that is difficult; not giving up in an exam when the questions need just a little more thought or effort. Pushing through the pain barrier when attending football try outs. Dealing with nerves before a school stage performance.

Learning a musical instrument, for example, can be every bit as challenging as learning a martial art, and when it comes to practising, or getting over nerves for that all important music exam, perseverance, and the ability to push through the barrier is crucial. It can often make the difference between success and failure; whatever the challenge.

Learning a sport is the same. If you want to do it to a reasonably high level, your going to need perseverance. Football, rugby, swimming, tennis; every sport I can think of needs perseverance to learn.

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