Dealing with Intimidation

Kids Wing Chun Academy - Wing Chun Kung Fu for childrenDealing with intimidation is unfortunately a fact of life these days. Children can experience intimidation at school, clubs, sports, and even among friends. Also, with the increase in internet sites like Facebook, or messaging technologies, this issue is more widespread than ever.

As a parent, it’s important to know what to do to help children deal with intimidation effectively; parents also need to watch for signs or changes in their child’s behaviour.

Some signs for parents are: complaining about being treated poorly, not wanting to leave the house, wanting to drop out of a club or sport that they were previously happy attending, sleeplessness, and anxiety. If left unchecked, the long term affects can have a catastrophic affect on confidence.

Intimidation is an act of causing fear to force or influence someone to do, or not to do, something. It not only affects children; intimidation is likely to raise it’s head through most life stages, if not all. How a child learns to deal with intimidation is key to their success and happiness in life.

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