Whitgift Centre Demo Sessions


Kids Wing Chun Academy Whitgift Weenies DaysThis week some of the Kids Wing Chun Academy team ran demo sessions in the Whitgift Shopping Centre to around 500 children over 8 sessions. A number of our junior students were there to demonstrate some of the basics to the audience and did it fantastically well. Deanna Mason,  Joseph Sharkie, Darius Pope, and Josh Jackson were on stage demonstrating, being led by Junior Instructor Nathan Hudson. The Juniors demonstrated elements of KWCA’s grade 1 syllabus, but also some advanced bits from Dan Chi through to Poon Sau. Dispite the days being long, the children were fantastic; thank you so much!

To give the audience a view of what Wing Chun is capable of from an adult’s perspective, my good friend and Kung Fu brother Sifu Wayne Agnew from Purley Wing Chun took time out of his busy schedule to demo advanced Lat Sau techniques from Biu Tze and Wooden Dummy, along with some Gor Sau on Jason Ludwig. Sifu Wayne also helped throughout the sessions with the children – thanks so much Wayne!

I also want to thank Angela Sharkie, Andrew Shui-Jezierski, Vicente Hudson, and Zarina Hudson for helping throughout both days speaking with parents and making sure things ran super smoothly. The Kids Wing Chun Academy instructor team (Jason, Haley, Vicki, Jon, CG) gave the children a flavour of how we do things. Everyone helped make the days a great success. Thank you all!

Personally for me, I spent the day on the microphone talking everyone through what we were doing and trying to make the children smile as much as possible. It was a fantastic two days!

— Sifu Jude Hudson


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