You never get attacked when you feel like it!

People often ask me how they could motivate themselves when they don’t feel like training; how can they get themselves fired up to train?

There are always reasons (excuses) one can think of not to train, and over the years I’ve heard many:
It’s cold outside
It’s warm outside
It’s wet outside
It’s dark outside
I’m tired
Hard day at school/work
My friend is coming round
My little sister’s puppy has a headache

I’ve always found that incidents strike when you least want it, or sometimes least expect it. Most people get caught out when something happens and this adds to the fear factor. Even if we don’t consider it fear, let’s call it being unsettled. At these times, your heart races, you find it hard to breathe, you start to shake, you feel nervous. It catches you out.

You will rarely be attacked when you feel like it! Train for those moments, at those moments, and you will always be better prepared!

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