It only takes One Incidence to Destroy A Childs Confidence

It’s widely accepted and supported by research that children are likely to experience their first child on child attack at school. The challenge is not whether your child will have a violent encounter, but how you deal with it. Of course, violence solves very little and is never a solution, however I would urge parents concerned with the safety of their child to consider self defence as the solution.

Parents also need to consider the long term affects of the damage caused by an attack and ask themselves what they could have done, if anything, to prevent it; or at least what could have been done to minimise injury.

As a man of faith, I have strong views on violence and aggressive behaviour; I definitely do not endorse violence of any kind. However, we must consider the physical impact and wake up to the possibilities that we should be preparing ourselves, and our children to defend themselves. Is it careless as a parent not too?

Kids Wing Chun Academy is dedicated to helping children and parents protect themselves against physical attack using traditional Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu. The KWCA goal is to build the confidence and skills necessary to effectively deal with confrontation of any kind. Humility, compassion, respect are fundamental values of the Kids Wing Chun Academy.

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