Quality Children’s Wing Chun in Wimbledon, Kingston, Epsom

Are all Wing Chun Kung Fu schools for children equal? For a self defence to be effective for children, it’s important to make the training as realistic as possible, without injuring. It’s not necessary to strike with unnecessary force. Training that is too aggressive can actually destroy confidence instead of building it.

Wing Chun is a very practical system, and taught well builds an incredible confidence foundation, especially for children. Of course, it’s advantageous to learn the right Wing Chun Kung Fu system first time!

At Kids Wing Chun Academy we teach advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu designed to arm your child with the highest quality skill levels. Classes for children aged 4 through to teenagers. Build or improve focus, concentration, respect, self discipline, and confidence in your child.

Values underpin everything we do at Kids Wing Chun Academy; come and talk to us to find out what we can do for your child.

Kids Wing Chun Academy


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