Wimbledon Class Opening May 2012

Kids Wing Chun Academy is proud to announce the opening a new class in Wimbledon in May 2012 at the Nuffield Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Centre. The Nuffield Health centre is right in the centre of Wimbledon’s shopping area…mums and dads can train with their children, or shop whilst their children learn the most effective self defence system on the planet. Classes start at 4pm catering for 4 yr olds through to teenagers. Click here to register for two FREE lessons and for more detail.

Kids Wing Chun Academy is dedicated to providing the highest levels of Wing Chun Kung Fu found anywhere in the world. Children will not only learn a phenomenal self defence but   will also improve discipline, focus, concentration, and confidence.

Kids Wing Chun Academy’s Wimbledon launch joins locations at Kingston, Croydon, Epsom, and Dorking to provide convenient and comprehensive set locations to train around Surrey.

KWCA News Team

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