Welcome to
Kids Wing Chun Academy

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Authentic Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu
for Children, Teenagers, and Parents

The Ultimate Self Defence Coupled With:
Humility, Compassion, and Focus = Real Confidence

Welcome to Kids Wing Chun Academy

Kids Wing Chun Academy teaches children traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu via a tried and tested syllabus. Our non-aggressive martial arts training imparts the spirit and ethos of Kung Fu through the most effective & advanced self defence possible. Our belief is that high quality, authenticity, and real attention to your child achieves phenomenal results. Kids Wing Chun Academy raises the bar and provides an exclusive environment for children to grow in an authentic Kung Fu School.

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At Kids Wing Chun Academy We Are Committed To Quality

  • Totally Flexible Training Options

  • No Contracts

  • Real Value & Results

  • Highest Quality Wing Chun

  • Effective System For All Ages

  • Classes for Children aged 7+

  • Training for Parents

  • Family Classes

  • High Instructor Ratio

  • Capped Class Sizes

  • Academy Black Sash Sessions

  • Advanced Grading System

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7-8 Year Olds

Children can start training at 7 years old learning foundational techniques in classes designed to help them understand and learn in the right environment to build confidence and skill.

9-11 Year Olds

Whether starting as a Junior, or transitioning from a Young Junior, students learn through techniques and drills how to deal with confrontation without fear and late primary school challenges.

teenager students

12+ and Teenagers

Training for students heading for their teen years, and transitioning through to adulthood. Key challenges are faced during this life stage and learning the right skills both physically, and emotionally are important.

Adult & Advanced

Advanced level black sash training for both teenagers and parents taking them through Technician levels.

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Ultimate Goal

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Our students and parents say more about us
than we ever could

Our classes are all about helping students learn the skills needed to defend themselves. If our students aren’t seeing real results then we aren’t either .  We know what good looks like and focus on making that a reality.

“She wakes up in the morning excited about attending her Wing Chun Class after school!”

I wanted my daughter to try and build her confidence up and learn some form of self defence. In just 4-5 weeks of classes, she has done this and I can see a difference in her. My daughter enjoys her classes, Jude and staff are very helpful – wonderful club – thank you!
Mrs KH, Surrey (mother)
My son has learned so much in a short time, I feel he’s progressing every week; I can’t wait for his next session…love it!

Mr AB, Surrey (practitioner and father)
He has grown in confidence and strength, his co-ordination and concentration have increased. He looks forward to his weekly classes, loves practising in the days between and has gained some fabulous male role-models in his life. He aspires to be like Sifu Jude’s son.
Mrs RE, Surrey (mother)

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