"Traditional Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children and Teenagers. "

The Ultimate Self Defence - Coupled With: Humility, Compassion, Focus = Confidence.

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Kids Wing Chun Academy teaches children traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu via a tried and tested syllabus. Our non-aggressive training imparts the spirit and ethos of Kung Fu through the most effective & advanced self defence possible. Our belief is that high quality, authenticity, and real attention to your child achieves phenomenal results. Kids Wing Chun Academy raises the bar and provides an exclusive environment for children to grow.

Values Underpin Everything We Do!

Committed To Quality


– 2 Free Introductory Sessions
– No Contracts
– Real Value: Fees Reflect Our Quality
– Highest Quality Wing Chun
– Completely Effective System For All Ages
– Classes from Age 5+ & Teenagers
– Family Classes at some locations
– Unrivaled Children’s Syllabus
– High Instructor Ratio
– Capped Class Sizes
– Dedication To REAL Results
– Private Lessons Available

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